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Interactive Group Therapy

Group therapy involves working with your personal issues with six to nine people in a professionally facilitated group. The same group of people meet weekly learning from each other and supporting each other. Active facilitation, extensive group interaction and feedback lead to safety, trust, and openness.

In interactive process oriented group therapy, people can:

  • Reduce isolation and avoidance and increase connection
  • Overcome shyness and social anxiety
  • Release shame and increase self-confidence
  • Decrease depression through contact with others
  • Heal previous experiences of rejection
  • Stop pushing people away


Group Therapy is available in San Diego at AIFD, a San Diego psychotherapy practice
Going beyond the scope of support groups, interactive, process oriented group therapy provides opportunities for a deep working through of one’s personal issues. In group therapy people share feelings and thoughts that are newly discovered or that have been previously concealed. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment with new behaviors such as saying “no,” speaking up, and giving and receiving personal feedback. Tremendous healing and strength come from revealing one’s self in the presence of a therapeutic group.

A deeply bonded group therapy experience leads to:

  • Feeling more confident
  • Developing greater trust in self and others
  • Expressing more honestly, freely, and openly
  • Improving relationships in all areas of life

The dream of having more satisfying and connected relationships can be realized through group therapy. Contact us for more information on group therapy sessions starting in the San Diego North County area.

Heartfelt therapy is one of the most enduring gifts you can give yourself.”

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