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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is particularly useful during times of uncertainty about important decisions or when you are feeling off center with yourself. It is also helpful during times of significant internal distress. The distress may include anxiety, self-doubt, depression, emptiness, or self-sabotage. Some people experience unbearable disappointment or grief.

Having a personal guide as you move through challenging times helps you find courage, clarity, and the resilience to move forward. With you, we create an environment in which you find the safety to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Our goal with individual therapy is for you to make lasting changes.

Individual Therapy with a heartfelt approach is offered by Gordon and Alissa Meredith in their San Diego psychotherapy practice
Gordon and Alissa Meredith

We accomplish this by:

  • Developing a warm, empathic relationship with you
  • Focusing on your present concerns
  • Assisting you in discovering and releasing old beliefs, decisions, and behavior patterns which have influenced your choices
  • Supporting you in healing from past experiences
  • Bringing forward your wisdom, loving and compassion for yourself
  • Assisting you in articulating and integrating more effective and supportive beliefs and decisions
  • Encouraging you in practicing new behaviors that reflect your values and

We use interventions designed to match specific levels of consciousness. For example:

Physical Level interventions support you in developing positive habits and moving towards your goals.

Emotional Level interventions support you in coping with and healing current emotional upset and resolving emotionally distressing events from the past.

Mental Level interventions support you in exploring conscious or unconscious self-talk, decisions, and beliefs that are affecting your current life. The healing opportunity at this level is to become aware of and adopt more accurate and supportive beliefs.

Spiritual/Compassionate Level interventions allow you to access your deepest self; that level of your Being where spontaneous encouragement, wisdom, compassion, and unconditional levels of acceptance and forgiveness already reside. As you tap this level, extraordinary healing and lasting changes occur.

Telephone Counseling Sessions
In some instances telephone counseling sessions for individual therapy may be available by appointment.

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.        Jack Kornfield

“Heartfelt therapy is one of the most enduring gifts you can give yourself.”

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