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“Heartfelt therapy is one of the most enduring gifts you can give yourself.”

San Diego Psychotherapy Practice licensed therapists Gordon and Alissa Meredith

Welcome. Thank you for taking your valuable time to explore our site. We are licensed psychotherapists who have practiced for over thirty years in Solana Beach in Southern California. Effective April, 2019 Alissa has retired from professional practice and Gordon is practicing both in Solana Beach, CA and Hendersonville, NC and via Telehealth only in Virginia, South Carolina and Colorado.

After fifty years of combined experience in our psychotherapy practice, we have come to deeply respect the therapeutic process. People often enter therapeutic relationships during times of uncertainty or at a time when they are seeking more meaning in their lives. Each person has within them a powerful impulse toward growth and healing. We trust that impulse and the therapeutic relationship to reveal your inner wisdom and the next steps to your growth and healing.

Recognizing that each person is unique we provide a therapeutic relationship that is attuned to your needs. We practice a positive psychology, building on your strengths and supporting you in identifying the learning and healing opportunities that are present in your situation. There is something of value in even the most difficult circumstances. When these circumstances are approached with an openness to learning, major transformations can take place.

We find that the willingness to look inside yourself is a key factor in your healing. Our approach helps you discover the foundation of your inner strength. You can draw on your strength to create greater self-support and direction. This leads to a more accepting and confident experience of yourself and greater inner peace.

Our psychotherapy practice is founded on Heartfelt Therapy that supports you in living life with greater trust and hopefulness. We invite you to allow us to accompany you on the journey as you navigate your inner terrain and strengthen your sense of self.

We can support you with:
• Learning to value and love yourself
• Making positive changes in your life
• Holding steady during times of uncertainty
• Resolving emotionally distressing situations
• Developing emotionally satisfying relationships
• Discovering and sustaining inner peace
• Strengthening your sense of self
• Developing powerful skills for ongoing personal development
• Letting go of the past
• Bringing more fun and joy into your life

No one can change what has already happened. Yet you can dramatically influence your future by leaving past challenges behind and by consciously creating the life you desire. We look forward to serving you and accompanying you on your therapeutic journey.

In support of your growth, our psychotherapy practice offers individual therapy, heart-to-heart couple counseling, and group therapy.

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