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What Others are Saying About Us

“Gordon is one of the finest people I know. His high integrity greatly benefits his therapeutic work. He is warm, safe and can really 'get it' at the most core and deep levels, which are essential ingredients to be a guide of change. On top of all that he is a fantastic couple therapist (a very unique thing). Relationships are valued, protected and transformed in his hands.”
Rebecca Jorgensen, Ph.D.;  
EFT Trainer and Supervisor; Director, Training and Research Institute for EFT at  CSPP/Alliant University, San Diego 

“Alissa and Gordon Meredith bring tremendous warmth, compassion and depth to their work. They have been seasoned by their years of experience. Through their wisdom, creativity and sensitivity they assist others in finding deeper levels of self-acceptance, fulfillment and inner peace.”
Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D.
Academic Vice-President, University of Santa Monica

“I am happy to recommend Gordon Meredith as a EFT Supervisor. His energy, drive, sensitivity, and determination will bring much to advancing EFT and helping clinicians become competent EFT therapists. I have found him to be sensitive, thoughtful as a supervisor and very open to feedback. He is clearly an experienced therapist and supervisor.” Scott R. Woolley, Ph.D.EFT, Supervisor and Trainer
Distinguished Professor and System-wide Director, Couple and Family Therapy Graduate Programs, California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University, San Diego

“It was my great pleasure to work with Alissa. I was able to observe her profound attunement with her clients. Alissa is one of the rare therapists who combines a natural intuition with exceptional skill. She makes a soul connection with her clients. Alissa joins with her clients on the journey through therapy to a healthier life vision.” 

Ann Friedman, MFT
Clinical Supervisor

“Gordon has a gift for integrating the spiritual with the psychological.”
Erving Polster, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Author and Co-founder, Gestalt Training Center

“Gordon and Alissa Meredith are highly gifted as therapists. Compassion and intuition guide their work. Their deep respect for the unique path each individual walks is a gift to clients.”
Johanna Jenkins, LCSW
Former Counseling Psychology Program Director, University of Santa Monica

“Gordon Meredith is a wonderful teacher. He brings theory to life in classes which are lively and practical. I learned a great deal about using group process to support people in accepting and understanding themselves.”
Leah Brecher-Cohn, M.A.
Licensed Marriage  and Family Therapist 

“Gordon models beautifully the most magnetic qualities of a fine trainer of professionals. A sensitive listener with a collaborative coaching style, he provides clear direction to those he supervises, while allowing ‘space’ for them to learn and grow. Heart-centered, brilliant, authentic and humble, Gordon is a real gem.”
Don Fergusson
Retired president of Rust-Oleum Corporation, Graduate Reader for second year master’s students at University of Santa Monica, supervised and coached by GordonMeredith.

“Gordon Meredith is an exceptional therapist, healer, teacher, group facilitator, & mentor to others in his field. He utilizes his spirituality, clinical training, EMDR work, and years of experience to help others transcend their problems and find their own path. I know that whenever I refer people to Gordon they unanimously say that he really helps... that he knows his stuff... that they feel heard... and that they really wish they never went to another therapist before him.”
Dr. James H. Bramson
Psychologist & Corporate Consultant

“Gordon and Alissa are inspirational therapists. I have known them for 20 years. If you are ready to know yourself deeply and improve your life, give them a call.” Donna Ray, MFT
International Feldenkrais Trainer

“I have known Gordon Meredith for several years, and what has always struck me is the gentleness, love, and respect he brings into every interaction he has with every human being. He is a therapist of great skill, yet more importantly, a person of great spirit that has an ability to share and bring out that essence in others.” James D’Adamo, N.P.
Naturopathic Physician, Author
Director, Institute for the Advancement of Natural Therapies

“Heartfelt therapy is one of the most enduring gifts you can give yourself.”

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